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    ELCircle is the development hub for emerging leaders. The development of Emerging Leaders throughout the entire organization is critical for success. ELCircle is an easy to deploy web-based, video-based supplement to existing leadership curriculum. Content is executive tested and brought to you by some of the best leadership minds available.

    New Content – We are introducing a new Roadmap of content from Maureen Metcalf based on her International Book Awards winning book Innovative Leadership Fieldbook. Click here to access these new lessons.

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    Depending on your viewpoint – enterprise training leader, department or staff leader, or individual emerging leader, select the path below to learn more and take a test drive.

    Are you a training leader?
    It’s difficult to educate the elusive emerging leader. It’s costly and logistically complex to get them all in a centrally convenient classroom. And if you do, follow-up is a challenge. ELCircle can be just the supplement you need to meet your mission. Click to learn more about how to get started with the built in testing process. 
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    Are you a department leader?
    You recognize that the education of your emerging leaders is your responsibility, with the help of your education department. Is attending a one-off class for some of your team doing the trick? Use ELCircle to start the conversations you must have to pass along leadership wisdom and grow your organization. With no infrastructure, you can take the reins.
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    Are you an emerging leader?
    Are you used to learning what you need to know when you need to know it? Whether you work on your own or in a traditional corporate environment, do you wait for the standard learning opportunities that come along or take the initiative? Give yourself a leg up with ELCircle. Learn more by trying ELCircle with a no-obligation full access 14 day trial.
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    Questions? Contact us at 800.370.7373 or email.


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